Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two men managed to record a claim Australian Yowie sighting

Two Australian men claim to capture a picture of a Bigfoot in the land of the kangaroo . They said the elusive creatures that appear in their video after fished with a lot of apples .

Grainy video taken during the morning , which was recorded in South Queensland on March 29 , has made ​​a Bigfoot hunter community in cyberspace surprised , after the man who filmed the clip claims that the picture is clear evidence that the mysterious Yowie , which is a mythical creature rumored to explore Australian bush , as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper on Tuesday ( 8/4 ) .

Jason Heal and Jason Dunn , describing themselves as ' Yowie hunters ' , and upload the picture a creature like Bigfoot 's alleged in their YouTube account on April 5 and dub strange creature with glowing eyes it as a ' visitor Morning ' .

" We have cast the creature was some extra apples because he was willing to appear on camera , " said Jason Heal .

" I was someone who believed in the presence of rewards in life and if he shows himself , we appreciate the fact , " he said . " We even left some apples without a record and said ' you can get the apple but we did not get the reward ' . "

Heal said he and his colleagues have spent thousands of dollars for Yowie hunting in the Australian bush and hairy like human beings explain it as extremely intelligent creatures .

Videos they have so far been viewed more than 9,000 times . This is the latest of a series of video clips collected both already seen more than one million views on YouTube and inspired an article on the site Cryptozoology .

" Despite being on the video it looks lazy , but this is not a creature native animals of Australia and their territories to be used illegally as a pet , " wrote the article . " The possibility of a video showing an unidentified man of great apes remain open . "

But the reader is not quite sure where many of them voiced doubts over the infrared image , which was filmed at 3:27 pm local time .

" It really wear a mask ! " Ira said Shlamazel .

" At this time we do not know whether the video was real or a hoax , but it certainly has captivated most viewers , " said Michael Bachman , editor Cryptozoology site .

Opinions are mixed this has angered Jason Heal and Jason Dunn who say they have invested time and money in their hunt to find the answers proof of Sasquatch Australia .
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Yowie has long been a part of Australian folklore , with rumored sightings appeared in the 18th century .

Here's a video of the Yowie sighting


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