Monday, April 21, 2014

Adu Jotos Warnai Penghitungan Suara di Pamekasan

Counting ballots legislative election districts held General Election Commission Pamekasan in the hall of the Republic of Indonesia Employee Cooperative Center tinged fights , Monday, April 21, 2014 . Witness Gerindra , Muhammad Sohibul , involved in fist fights with members of the Election Committee (PPK ) Proppo Elman .

The fight began when the leader interrupted Sohibul plenum counting ballots . Sohibul ask permission not sign the recapitulation of KDP Proppo because they think a lot of data that does not fit .
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" I find a lot of discrepancy of data between models C1 and D1 in some polling stations , " he said . Sohibul request for a recount in KDP Proppo .

Hearing the request, Elman , KDP members Proppo , angry . Beginning with quarrels and recriminations , Elman and eventually collided Sohibul o'clock . " All the witnesses agree , Gerindra only witness who refused , " said Elman .

It should, he says , if there is any discrepancy , report to the Supervisory Committee Sohibul Pamekasan that could be investigated further . "If the accused like this , we assume he did not work , I'm offended , " he said .

As a result of these fights , recapitulation process was interrupted . The count continued after both successfully tranquilized .


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