Monday, April 28, 2014

Materials flare burst Mount Slamet Rises

The eruption of Mount Slamet , followed hurl incandescent material and increasing roar . The burst even been out of the caldera towards forest vegetation boundary slopes Slamet . " But the intensity and throw away does not exceed two miles , " said Head of Geological Agency Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , Surono , Monday, April 28, 2014 .

He said that , despite the increase , the status of the highest mountain in Central Java was still wary . " People are advised not to approach mountain peak within a radius of two kilometers , " he said .
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Head Observation Post in the village of Mount Slamet Gambuhan Pulosari Pemalang , Antara said the burst of lava and fire rays began in the last six days . The lava burst altitude reaches a height of 500 meters .

" However , the material does not spread lava and back into the crater . Possible kitchen magmanya have started to rise to the surface of the crater , " he said when contacted by cell phone .

He said the change in status will be made ​​after seeing the contemporary development of the mountain . They will see the splash material lava and lava fall area . Measurement of the temperature of hot water also was not used to be the size . " Currently we are still following the development of the eruption at the summit of the mountain , " he said .

The data recorded in the Post Gambuhan show , starting at 00:00 am until 6:00 pm eruption had occurred 104 times brownish thick white smoke with 60 times the firelight . Throw a splash of hot lava reaches a height of 500 feet with a roar and a boom as much as 30 times . While seismic activity reached 54 times and 100 times the earthquake gust .

A resident of the District Rural Limpakuwus Contribute Banyumas , Dirkam , 56, said often hear the sound of thumping and rumbling from the direction of Mount Slamet . " Sparks from the top of the mountain can be seen clearly , " he said .


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