Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scientists Claim Find Disease -Fighting MERS

Middle East Respiratory Disease Syndrome ( MERS ) the more dangerous by the number of patients is increasing. In fact , last Monday , an Indonesian Madurese who worked in Saudi Arabia died of this disease .

However , recently scientists claim to have found a natural antibody that is believed to cure a disease that strikes in the Middle East region .

In a study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine , a team led by Chinese scientists discovered two antibodies , namely MERS and MERS - 4 - 27 , which is capable of blocking the cells in a lab dish MERS infected with a virus .
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" While it was initially . Results suggests that these antibodies , especially in combination , can be a promising candidate for intervention against MERS , " wrote the scientists , as reported by Reuters on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 .

So far there is no cure or vaccine for MERS . However , the research team has promised to continue to develop this antibody as an antidote to remember the victims died from MERS to rise sharply .

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) states that it is concerned about the increasing number of infections MERS in Saudi Arabia . The UN health agency plans to send a team of international experts to help menyeldiki the disease further .


Monday, April 28, 2014

Video View Ferry Captain Sewol Ships Start Running At Slant

South Korean Coast Guard , Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) , released a video showing a ferry boat captain Sewol seen trying to save themselves while hundreds of passengers were trapped inside the sunken ship .

10-minute video was filmed by rescue teams and news television station YTN aired , featuring Captain Lee Joon - seok ( 69 ) , put on a sweater and shorts , running away from the bridge when the ship began to list before the already sinking .
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The latest video immediately sparked sharp criticism in cyberspace .

" Look captain fled the ship without wearing pants . How sad . I do not believe he did not think the kids are stuck and just think about the safety of themselves , " said a Twitter user .

A total of 15 crew responsible for a large ferry that is now on hold . They face charges of negligence and abandoning passengers .

Meanwhile , the prosecutor conducted a series of raids , including the coast guard office , as part of the expansion of the investigation that resulted in tragedy 300 people dead or missing it .

Until Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) , the death toll in the worst maritime accident in South Korea is confirmed as many as 189 people . Most of the dead and missing are high school students .


Materials flare burst Mount Slamet Rises

The eruption of Mount Slamet , followed hurl incandescent material and increasing roar . The burst even been out of the caldera towards forest vegetation boundary slopes Slamet . " But the intensity and throw away does not exceed two miles , " said Head of Geological Agency Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , Surono , Monday, April 28, 2014 .

He said that , despite the increase , the status of the highest mountain in Central Java was still wary . " People are advised not to approach mountain peak within a radius of two kilometers , " he said .
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Head Observation Post in the village of Mount Slamet Gambuhan Pulosari Pemalang , Antara said the burst of lava and fire rays began in the last six days . The lava burst altitude reaches a height of 500 meters .

" However , the material does not spread lava and back into the crater . Possible kitchen magmanya have started to rise to the surface of the crater , " he said when contacted by cell phone .

He said the change in status will be made ​​after seeing the contemporary development of the mountain . They will see the splash material lava and lava fall area . Measurement of the temperature of hot water also was not used to be the size . " Currently we are still following the development of the eruption at the summit of the mountain , " he said .

The data recorded in the Post Gambuhan show , starting at 00:00 am until 6:00 pm eruption had occurred 104 times brownish thick white smoke with 60 times the firelight . Throw a splash of hot lava reaches a height of 500 feet with a roar and a boom as much as 30 times . While seismic activity reached 54 times and 100 times the earthquake gust .

A resident of the District Rural Limpakuwus Contribute Banyumas , Dirkam , 56, said often hear the sound of thumping and rumbling from the direction of Mount Slamet . " Sparks from the top of the mountain can be seen clearly , " he said .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Punishment of 16 years jail for former MCC president Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq reinforced by the appellate court . Lutfi Hasan's third wife , Darin Mumtazah now hoping the appeal process in MA .

" Yes definitely expect it ( free at MA ) , " said Darin at the KPK office , Jl Rasuna Said , South Jakarta , Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) .

Darin is today Lutfi Hasan visited him at the crease Thunder hopes , husband get justice in subsequent legal proceedings . Even so , Darin said it would continue to honor the existing law .
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"Yes, I hope , you are treated more fairly . , But I respect the legal process , " said Darin wearing this black shirt .

Lutfi appeal the verdict to 15 years in prison and a fine of Rp 1 billion diketok by high court judges Marihot Lumban Batu dated 16 April 2014 . Verdict Lutfi at the first level diketok December 9, 2013 by presiding judge Gusrizal corruption .

Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq proven legally and convincingly proven guilty of corruption and money laundering together . He received money totaling USD 1.3 billion through Ahmad fathanah of president director of PT First Indoguna Mary Elizabeth Liman . Money is a consideration of the overall total money Rp 40 billion pledged by PT Indoguna for obtaining approval letter beef import quota .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When abused SD, Student's Report Once in junior high school teacher

Police station Kutai , East Kalimantan , set an individual elementary school teachers in the District of Muara Kaman as a suspect case of pedophiles . Kutai district police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Karim said the initials JL individual teachers were reported by a junior high school student initials Fr claiming to be victims of abuse while he was attending third grade elementary school .

" Person of the teachers have been secured since yesterday (Monday ) in Muara Kaman and the police today (Tuesday ) we set as suspects . Due to this case is notable cases , especially child victims under age , I order that the investigations carried out in the Police , " Abdul said when contacted on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) night .

Detention and JL determination as a suspect , he added , based on reports the victim with evidence and testimony of witnesses .

" This case was reported to the victim's parents yesterday (Monday ) , and individual teachers pedophiles alleged perpetrator was arrested. According to a report by parents of victims as well as added evidence statements of witnesses , then JL indicated sexual harassment . However , we can not conclude with certainty because there has been no further information from the suspect , " he said .

" Tomorrow (Wednesday ) will be an examination of the suspect . Unscrupulous teachers are charged under Article sexual abuse and the Child Protection Act , " he added .
Police also could not confirm the alleged sexual abuse committed individual teachers takes place when the victim was sitting in class III SD .

" We have not been able to conclude a new reason to get further information from victims and witnesses , and we certainly uphold the presumption of innocence , " said Abdul .

Separately , Chief Executive of Integrated Service Centre for Women and Children ( P2TP2A ) Rinda Kutai Desianti justify pedophilia cases involving individual elementary school teachers in the District of Muara Kaman .

However , in contrast to the description of Kutai Police Chief , the case , said Rinda Desianti , the victim 's parents have been reported to the Police Muara Kaman since 8 April 2014 .

"The case has been reported since 8 April , then I check to Children's Units Kutai Police on 9 April 2014 and confirmed that the case had been handled Police Muara Kaman , " said Rinda Desianti .

The victim , he continued , was sexually assaulted while in grade III SD . The victim is now in the seventh grade junior high school one in Muara Kaman .
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" Based on the information from our volunteers in Muara Kaman , the peace efforts of the case , and we strongly oppose these efforts because of the impact of pedophilia cases of trauma and bad incident for the victim , and also can lead to the perception that pedophilia was not doing anything because could be mediated , "said Rinda .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Ferry death toll Sewol Approaching 60

South Korean diver team who have made ​​it into the cabin Sewol Ferry that sank on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) , have found the bodies of the victims died at 58 on Sunday ( 20/4 ) . While 246 passengers still unaccounted for , most of the victims were high school students .

Hundreds of navy divers and volunteers struggled to open the door of the cabin in the middle of the water temperature was only 12 degrees Celsius .

Some divers claim to limited visibility at the search location is also an obstacle to the evacuation ship that sank in the southwest Jindo to carry 476 passengers .

" On Saturday ( 19/4 ) , divers managed to smash the window and found the body of the ship for the first time in the cabin , " said one coast guard officer was quoted as saying VOANews , Sunday ( 20/4 ) .

Tracker data show , the ship banked sharply before finally sinking . South Korean prosecutors say , the Ferry boats piloted by three 26-year -old navigation and first time sailing in the area .

Authorities have confirmed , at the time the ship's captain Lee Joon - seok left three inexperienced skipper in the wheelhouse .

Captain and three navigating to one of the other crew members were arrested on Saturday ( 19/4 ) , on charges of dereliction of duty that caused the accident .

One of South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported , also the captain ordered passengers to remain seated when the ferry started to roll tilt. Not only that , the captain also allegedly deliberately blocked the way out in the morning the passengers .
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Until now authorities have not set the exact cause of the sinking of the ferry . However , due to the tilt of the ship allegedly containing 180 shifted to one side of the vehicle plus the other load of nearly 1,200 tons .


Adu Jotos Warnai Penghitungan Suara di Pamekasan

Counting ballots legislative election districts held General Election Commission Pamekasan in the hall of the Republic of Indonesia Employee Cooperative Center tinged fights , Monday, April 21, 2014 . Witness Gerindra , Muhammad Sohibul , involved in fist fights with members of the Election Committee (PPK ) Proppo Elman .

The fight began when the leader interrupted Sohibul plenum counting ballots . Sohibul ask permission not sign the recapitulation of KDP Proppo because they think a lot of data that does not fit .
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" I find a lot of discrepancy of data between models C1 and D1 in some polling stations , " he said . Sohibul request for a recount in KDP Proppo .

Hearing the request, Elman , KDP members Proppo , angry . Beginning with quarrels and recriminations , Elman and eventually collided Sohibul o'clock . " All the witnesses agree , Gerindra only witness who refused , " said Elman .

It should, he says , if there is any discrepancy , report to the Supervisory Committee Sohibul Pamekasan that could be investigated further . "If the accused like this , we assume he did not work , I'm offended , " he said .

As a result of these fights , recapitulation process was interrupted . The count continued after both successfully tranquilized .


Friday, April 18, 2014

PPP does not propose any requirements support Gerindra

United Development Party ( PPP ) states do not pose any requirements related support to Gerindra .

" Our support for Gerindra without any conditions or requirements . We do not require to obtain a position as vice president and minister , " said the PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali in the Gerindra declaration in support of PPP PPP office in Jakarta on Friday .

Through PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali expressed his support Prabowo and Gerindra . Support it denotes a coalition between the two parties .

He said that the Ali , the support given to the PPP presidential candidate Prabowo Gerindra and sincerity is not transactional .

" PPP sincere support for the interests of the nation ahead . Having said that I hope the whole range of PPP from central to local level or the smallest twigs , can provide full support for victory in the presidential election in July 2014 Prabowo .

Suryadharma Ali ensure support to Gerindra PPP is the party's decision was unanimous , and there will be a cadre of renegade .

" PPP judge Prabowo is the right person to lead Indonesia forward towards a better Indonesia . Towards Indonesian blessed , " he said .

While the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo present in the declaration claimed was touched by the support of a PPP that does not require anything.
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According Prabowo such support is rare and shows the attitude of true statesmanship .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Megawati's PDI-P CK Command Set Jokowi Campaign Schedule

Chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) Megawati Sukarnoputri asking the board that is in Central Kalimantan prepare campaign schedule Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) . It was announced Fungsionari PDIP Agustin Teras Narang, the Central Kalimantan in Palangkaraya, Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

" CK asked specifically ask Jokowi current schedule presidential election campaign and working hard to win it . Was a direct instruction from Mrs. Megawati , " said Terrace .

Central Kalimantan Governor added , in a meeting at the residence with Megawati reminded , that all cadres and always remain humble. Although according to the calculation as the winner pileg 9 April 2014 .

Moreover , he added , officials and cadres across Indonesia PDIP keep watch pileg process to its conclusion . Especially regarding the polling fraud .

" Mrs. Megawati also advised that the battle to save Indonesia is not yet finished , because pileg and presidential elections on July 9 is one breath , " said Terrace .
CK PDIP functionary said all heads of provincial and city districts are reminded to continue to serve the people for the realization of Indonesia Superb .

He said the PDI-P is a party oriented accelerated development and welfare of the Indonesian people . So that all cadres and promoted regional heads to stay focused for the fight .
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" Especially for CK , Megawati called for a timetable for when the campaign Jokowi presence and fight for victory and great Indonesia , " said Terrace .


Abdul & The Coffee Theory music Enjoyed Want Cross Country

Abdul pop jazz singer with the band's entourage who are members of Abdul & The Coffee Theory tries penetrated foreign markets .
Steps to worldwide conducted by Abdul & The Coffee Theory with recycle Lovable Special Edition Album entitled , by way of a virtual outlets released to iTunes .

" By working with Inside Management , now our album can be enjoyed by music lovers across the country . 's Become our efforts to further have a wide fan , " said Abdul encountered in Kemang , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Abdul said , re-releasing this album because of the many requests from fans. " This album is phenomenal for Abdul and Coffee Theory. Fact to be honest is to be one of the best work I ever made , " said the guy from Aceh .
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Furthermore, said Abdul , for now it was deliberately released an album that already exist . However, to provide added value , he accidentally packed this album in a special edition version .

Abdul says in the album still presented the composition of light pop with a jazzy feel of easy listening .

" The goal may be easier to hear the music lovers , " he said .
And Lovable Special Edition album also contains the songs from the album with the feel and arrangement Lovable more fresh , with some new songs added bonus .

" Beauty Is You sort of repertoire , Lovable , Waiting Unlimited we pack in a more different shades . Longing This is the answer to our fans who have been waiting for , " said Abdul .


Monday, April 14, 2014

The fate of Ali Suryadharma Specified PPP Meeting Tonight

DPP Executive Board of the United Development Party ( PPP ) will conduct a meeting this evening to follow a formal request to the party's county board Suryadharma Ali sacked as chairman.

" Tonight the board will meet daily , " said a spokesman for the PPP , Arwani Thomafi , in Jakarta , Monday ( 14/4 ) .

Previous 27 DPW PPP coordination meeting in Indonesia has taken the decision to impose sanctions on PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali . The meeting was held at a hotel in Bogor , West Java , last night .

This is related to their disappointment over Suryadharma , which is considered a ' political affair ' with Gerindra pileg while ago . When it comes Suryadharma and campaigned in Gerindra .

It is considered as the cause of votes in pileg PPP disappointing . ' Infidelity politics ' was judged to have a major influence for young cadres PPP . Originally grassroots competition with Gerindra competitive , but the affair was reducing their spirit .

Disappointed with the results Pileg, Hanura Perform Evaluation

Hanura disappointed with the acquisition of voice in legislative elections in 2014. Though disappointed , however, the party headed by Wiranto was grateful to escape threshold parliament or parliamentary threshold .
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It was said by DPP Chairman Fuad Hanura Bawazier at the KPK office , after undergoing examination as a witness duggaan case of money laundering by suspected Tubagus Chaeri Ward or Henry , Monday ( 14/4 ) .

" Frankly , we are not satisfied there , we were disappointed , " said Fuad .

The above results were disappointing , Fuad reveal will be evaluated to determine the cause of the low sound Hanura .

Hanura , said Fuad will inventory problems , clarify all information and analyze all relevant facts Hanura jebloknya the vote .

Fuad reveal party is still waiting for the official vote count conducted by the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .

Based on the results of the quick count or count quickly , Hanura only able to occupy the top ten positions in the legislative elections of 2014. Hanura only managed to gain 5.25 percent of the vote .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Couples were found to be missing corpse in Pandeglang

The police finally begin to see a bright spot about the existence of couples Didi Harsuadi ( 59 ) and Anita Anggraeni ( 51 ) , who disappeared from his home in Jalan Batu Indah Raya No. 46a , RT 5 RW 3 , Village Batununggal , District of South London , City of London .

Head of West Java Police spokesman Comr Martinus Sitompul said it received the news of the Banten Police about the discovery of a pair of corpses on 11 April 2014 and in the Pandeglang .

" Once we skewer characteristics including the victim 's brother , turns out it was actually the second victim , " he told reporters at the scene on Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

Finally, at approximately 21:25 pm , the family was shown a photograph of the victim's body confirmed it . " Yeah korbanpun family had identical call , " he said .

Currently , both the victim's body was in the hospital Pandeglang . The plan the two bodies will be taken to hospitals Attack .

From observation , shortly after the police showed the photo to the family , approximately 21:30 pm audible cries of grief were heard from inside the house to come out .
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Until now, the team is still reviewing the police investigation and coordination with the Banten Police to unravel the case.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Watch out! This Mobile 5 clones were identical to the original

" Many ways lead to Rome " , that's roughly the right expression for the vendors who do not want to painstakingly introduce and sell its products . This method is fairly powerful and efficient for hijacking the products sold . The way is by producing phones that are exactly the same design , or what we often call a phone ' cloning ' .

Almost flagship smartphone that launched the global manufacturer of mobile phones are definitely clone . Most vendors do is vendor from China . This state is known as a country that is good at plagiarizing another product .

This type of phone is actually better than the phone 's Kw - Kw , which is sold in the Indonesian market . Because there is clearly a brand apart , the phone also has a pretty good sales .
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Here are 5 Mobile clones are considered the most similar to the original , the most inexpensive and has a good value if you want to buy .

GooPhone clones S5 Samsung Galaxy S5

GooPhone S5

Starting from the vendors launched GooPhone the S5 series . GooPhone S5 comes as mobile phone users who want an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S5 at a low price .

Because of the similarity , GooPhone S5 even have a color variant that is exactly the same as that provided by Samsung Galaxy S5 .

The phone is priced at only $ 300 , or about 3.4 million , has a 5 - inch screen Full HD 1080P , octacore 2.0Ghz processor Mediatek , 2GB RAM , 32GB of internal memory and a 13 MP camera . Phones that run on the Android 4.2 will be equipped with dual SIM support , Google Play and MicroSD card slot .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Galaxy Ace Style, Android Phone KitKat 'Cheap' Samsung

Had exhibited in Germany , Samsung finally officially announced the Android phone KitKat ' cheap ' first , Galaxy Ace Style .

Due prepared to target the middle and lower segments , the Galaxy Ace Style , the successor to the Galaxy Ace , carrying the normal specifications . These phones rely on a dual - core processor 1.2 GHz and the amount of RAM is only 512 MB ​​. Surprisingly , the RAM capacity diusungnya actually decreased from the previous 1 GB on Galaxy Ace 3 .

The internal memory is also only 4 GB , but the user can increase its capacity through a microSD slot is available . While the ability of the camera is 5 MP and 0.3 MP on the front . Similar to that offered by its predecessor , the Galaxy Ace 3 .
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The only advantages of the Galaxy Ace Style than its predecessor is its Android KitKat . So far this is the latest version of Android can be found on the new mobile-phone top class .

As quoted from Phone Arena , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) , Galaxy Ace Style is offered in two colors namely white cream and dark gray . Although not yet confirmed , it is said Samsung will offer in the range of USD 276 or about USD 3.1 million for the European region .

For information , the Galaxy Ace 3 is currently priced at $ 2 million in Indonesia .


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two men managed to record a claim Australian Yowie sighting

Two Australian men claim to capture a picture of a Bigfoot in the land of the kangaroo . They said the elusive creatures that appear in their video after fished with a lot of apples .

Grainy video taken during the morning , which was recorded in South Queensland on March 29 , has made ​​a Bigfoot hunter community in cyberspace surprised , after the man who filmed the clip claims that the picture is clear evidence that the mysterious Yowie , which is a mythical creature rumored to explore Australian bush , as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper on Tuesday ( 8/4 ) .

Jason Heal and Jason Dunn , describing themselves as ' Yowie hunters ' , and upload the picture a creature like Bigfoot 's alleged in their YouTube account on April 5 and dub strange creature with glowing eyes it as a ' visitor Morning ' .

" We have cast the creature was some extra apples because he was willing to appear on camera , " said Jason Heal .

" I was someone who believed in the presence of rewards in life and if he shows himself , we appreciate the fact , " he said . " We even left some apples without a record and said ' you can get the apple but we did not get the reward ' . "

Heal said he and his colleagues have spent thousands of dollars for Yowie hunting in the Australian bush and hairy like human beings explain it as extremely intelligent creatures .

Videos they have so far been viewed more than 9,000 times . This is the latest of a series of video clips collected both already seen more than one million views on YouTube and inspired an article on the site Cryptozoology .

" Despite being on the video it looks lazy , but this is not a creature native animals of Australia and their territories to be used illegally as a pet , " wrote the article . " The possibility of a video showing an unidentified man of great apes remain open . "

But the reader is not quite sure where many of them voiced doubts over the infrared image , which was filmed at 3:27 pm local time .

" It really wear a mask ! " Ira said Shlamazel .

" At this time we do not know whether the video was real or a hoax , but it certainly has captivated most viewers , " said Michael Bachman , editor Cryptozoology site .

Opinions are mixed this has angered Jason Heal and Jason Dunn who say they have invested time and money in their hunt to find the answers proof of Sasquatch Australia .
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Yowie has long been a part of Australian folklore , with rumored sightings appeared in the 18th century .

Here's a video of the Yowie sighting