Friday, April 11, 2014

Watch out! This Mobile 5 clones were identical to the original

" Many ways lead to Rome " , that's roughly the right expression for the vendors who do not want to painstakingly introduce and sell its products . This method is fairly powerful and efficient for hijacking the products sold . The way is by producing phones that are exactly the same design , or what we often call a phone ' cloning ' .

Almost flagship smartphone that launched the global manufacturer of mobile phones are definitely clone . Most vendors do is vendor from China . This state is known as a country that is good at plagiarizing another product .

This type of phone is actually better than the phone 's Kw - Kw , which is sold in the Indonesian market . Because there is clearly a brand apart , the phone also has a pretty good sales .
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Here are 5 Mobile clones are considered the most similar to the original , the most inexpensive and has a good value if you want to buy .

GooPhone clones S5 Samsung Galaxy S5

GooPhone S5

Starting from the vendors launched GooPhone the S5 series . GooPhone S5 comes as mobile phone users who want an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S5 at a low price .

Because of the similarity , GooPhone S5 even have a color variant that is exactly the same as that provided by Samsung Galaxy S5 .

The phone is priced at only $ 300 , or about 3.4 million , has a 5 - inch screen Full HD 1080P , octacore 2.0Ghz processor Mediatek , 2GB RAM , 32GB of internal memory and a 13 MP camera . Phones that run on the Android 4.2 will be equipped with dual SIM support , Google Play and MicroSD card slot .


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