Monday, April 21, 2014

Ferry death toll Sewol Approaching 60

South Korean diver team who have made ​​it into the cabin Sewol Ferry that sank on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) , have found the bodies of the victims died at 58 on Sunday ( 20/4 ) . While 246 passengers still unaccounted for , most of the victims were high school students .

Hundreds of navy divers and volunteers struggled to open the door of the cabin in the middle of the water temperature was only 12 degrees Celsius .

Some divers claim to limited visibility at the search location is also an obstacle to the evacuation ship that sank in the southwest Jindo to carry 476 passengers .

" On Saturday ( 19/4 ) , divers managed to smash the window and found the body of the ship for the first time in the cabin , " said one coast guard officer was quoted as saying VOANews , Sunday ( 20/4 ) .

Tracker data show , the ship banked sharply before finally sinking . South Korean prosecutors say , the Ferry boats piloted by three 26-year -old navigation and first time sailing in the area .

Authorities have confirmed , at the time the ship's captain Lee Joon - seok left three inexperienced skipper in the wheelhouse .

Captain and three navigating to one of the other crew members were arrested on Saturday ( 19/4 ) , on charges of dereliction of duty that caused the accident .

One of South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported , also the captain ordered passengers to remain seated when the ferry started to roll tilt. Not only that , the captain also allegedly deliberately blocked the way out in the morning the passengers .
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Until now authorities have not set the exact cause of the sinking of the ferry . However , due to the tilt of the ship allegedly containing 180 shifted to one side of the vehicle plus the other load of nearly 1,200 tons .


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