Friday, April 18, 2014

PPP does not propose any requirements support Gerindra

United Development Party ( PPP ) states do not pose any requirements related support to Gerindra .

" Our support for Gerindra without any conditions or requirements . We do not require to obtain a position as vice president and minister , " said the PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali in the Gerindra declaration in support of PPP PPP office in Jakarta on Friday .

Through PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali expressed his support Prabowo and Gerindra . Support it denotes a coalition between the two parties .

He said that the Ali , the support given to the PPP presidential candidate Prabowo Gerindra and sincerity is not transactional .

" PPP sincere support for the interests of the nation ahead . Having said that I hope the whole range of PPP from central to local level or the smallest twigs , can provide full support for victory in the presidential election in July 2014 Prabowo .

Suryadharma Ali ensure support to Gerindra PPP is the party's decision was unanimous , and there will be a cadre of renegade .

" PPP judge Prabowo is the right person to lead Indonesia forward towards a better Indonesia . Towards Indonesian blessed , " he said .

While the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo present in the declaration claimed was touched by the support of a PPP that does not require anything.
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According Prabowo such support is rare and shows the attitude of true statesmanship .


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