Monday, April 14, 2014

The fate of Ali Suryadharma Specified PPP Meeting Tonight

DPP Executive Board of the United Development Party ( PPP ) will conduct a meeting this evening to follow a formal request to the party's county board Suryadharma Ali sacked as chairman.

" Tonight the board will meet daily , " said a spokesman for the PPP , Arwani Thomafi , in Jakarta , Monday ( 14/4 ) .

Previous 27 DPW PPP coordination meeting in Indonesia has taken the decision to impose sanctions on PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali . The meeting was held at a hotel in Bogor , West Java , last night .

This is related to their disappointment over Suryadharma , which is considered a ' political affair ' with Gerindra pileg while ago . When it comes Suryadharma and campaigned in Gerindra .

It is considered as the cause of votes in pileg PPP disappointing . ' Infidelity politics ' was judged to have a major influence for young cadres PPP . Originally grassroots competition with Gerindra competitive , but the affair was reducing their spirit .

Disappointed with the results Pileg, Hanura Perform Evaluation

Hanura disappointed with the acquisition of voice in legislative elections in 2014. Though disappointed , however, the party headed by Wiranto was grateful to escape threshold parliament or parliamentary threshold .
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It was said by DPP Chairman Fuad Hanura Bawazier at the KPK office , after undergoing examination as a witness duggaan case of money laundering by suspected Tubagus Chaeri Ward or Henry , Monday ( 14/4 ) .

" Frankly , we are not satisfied there , we were disappointed , " said Fuad .

The above results were disappointing , Fuad reveal will be evaluated to determine the cause of the low sound Hanura .

Hanura , said Fuad will inventory problems , clarify all information and analyze all relevant facts Hanura jebloknya the vote .

Fuad reveal party is still waiting for the official vote count conducted by the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .

Based on the results of the quick count or count quickly , Hanura only able to occupy the top ten positions in the legislative elections of 2014. Hanura only managed to gain 5.25 percent of the vote .


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