Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Abdul & The Coffee Theory music Enjoyed Want Cross Country

Abdul pop jazz singer with the band's entourage who are members of Abdul & The Coffee Theory tries penetrated foreign markets .
Steps to worldwide conducted by Abdul & The Coffee Theory with recycle Lovable Special Edition Album entitled , by way of a virtual outlets released to iTunes .

" By working with Inside Management , now our album can be enjoyed by music lovers across the country . 's Become our efforts to further have a wide fan , " said Abdul encountered in Kemang , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Abdul said , re-releasing this album because of the many requests from fans. " This album is phenomenal for Abdul and Coffee Theory. Fact to be honest is to be one of the best work I ever made , " said the guy from Aceh .
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Furthermore, said Abdul , for now it was deliberately released an album that already exist . However, to provide added value , he accidentally packed this album in a special edition version .

Abdul says in the album still presented the composition of light pop with a jazzy feel of easy listening .

" The goal may be easier to hear the music lovers , " he said .
And Lovable Special Edition album also contains the songs from the album with the feel and arrangement Lovable more fresh , with some new songs added bonus .

" Beauty Is You sort of repertoire , Lovable , Waiting Unlimited we pack in a more different shades . Longing This is the answer to our fans who have been waiting for , " said Abdul .


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