Monday, March 31, 2014

Family MH370: We will not forgive those who cover the truth

Families of passengers on Malaysia Airlines MH370 from China vow they will not forgive those who hide the truth about what happened related to the loss of their loved ones with the MH370 aircraft .

"The people of China is a friendly one . We can know the good from the bad , " said a representative from a group consisting of about 40 families of origin Beijing , after a prayer session in the House of Fo Guang Shan , in the city of Petaling Jaya , Selangor State , local time this morning , as reported by the Star , Monday ( 31/3 ) . (see also: video clip download)

" We will not forgive those who have hurt our family love , they are hiding the truth and those who put off the search and rescue , " he continued .

The representative , who introduced himself as Hui Jiang , then thanked the Chinese government and other countries involved dalamoperasipencarian and rescue aircraft loss MH370 .

One group consisted of 29 families who arrived in Malaysia on Sunday morning join in a prayer session with the group that arrived earlier . They are currently staying at Hotel Equatorial Bangi City , Selangor .

Jiang Hui also thanked Malaysians because relatives have been praying for them to return safely .
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" We also thank the media who have voiced our concerns and reinforcements from the crisis - Malaysian Chinese Association ( MCA ) to help us during this time , he said .

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