Friday, March 14, 2014

21 Million Hectare Peatland Potential for Agricultural

Indonesia has the potential of peat land can be used for arable farming . According to the National Economic Committee , Herman Siregar , the peatland area unsparing , 21 million hectares are widely spread in Borneo , Sumatra and Papua . (see also: obat burung)

" Of these about 33 percent were deemed worthy of peatlands to agriculture , " Herman said in a roundtable discussion Lowland Controversy at Hotel Borobudur , Jakarta , Friday, May 27, 2011 .

However , unfortunately, the government is still not widely utilize the potential of peat land for agriculture . Herman , who is also an agricultural analyst from Bogor Agricultural University , states that can be exploited peat is shallow peat with a depth of less than 100 centimeters .

" Because of the shallow peat higher fertility and lower environmental risk , " he said .

He added that the use of peat land for agriculture have a positive impact . Among them , could increase agricultural production , so it is quite possible Indonesian self-sufficiency . Then , to absorb labor and increase the state income tax as well as income either .

Controversy arises after signing peatland Inpres . 10 of 2011 on New Permit Suspension and Improving Governance of Primary Forest and Peatland . Instruction arranged after LoI between the Government of Indonesia and Norway signed on May 26, 2010 .

LoI also called the Oslo moratorium is jointly reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation , and Indonesia received the promised compensation of U.S. $ 1 billion .

Even so , if the peat used for agriculture , Herman asked the government to make the deal more detailed coverage of the use of peat . " There should also be no division of responsibilities involved directly or indirectly in the use of peat in case of fire or no ecological change , " he said .

Meanwhile , researchers Ministry of Agriculture land resources , Irsal Las , said Indonesia only has the potential new wetland 2-3.5 million hectares by 2035. While the potential for plantations range 6-10 million hectares by 2035. (see also: vitamin burung)

" Approximately 25 to 35 percent peat is potential for agricultural land . And, the facts on the ground , about 15-20 percent of peatlands has been already used for agriculture , " he said .


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