Thursday, May 1, 2014

Basuki: Fitra Do not Accuse Gratuitous!

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja denied Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency ( Fitra ) that the purpose of the takeover of two packets of dredging the river , in the Jakarta Emergency Dredging Initiative ( JEDI ) politically motivated .

As reported , Fitra accused the program to raise funds for a winning campaign by Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo , which is currently being developed as a candidate running for president of the PDI-P .
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Basuki said , for Jakarta Provincial Government to finance the project themselves , why should borrow from outsiders , in this case the World Bank . Even by Basuki , whenever possible , should the city government can take over the entire work packages JEDI program .

" If I had the money themselves , why should borrow? We borrow it also of necessity , because there is a bond of commitment fee. Otherwise I have batalin all . Due to what ? We have money anyway . Allegations So which one? " Basuki said at City Hall on Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .

According to Basuki , contracts with the World Bank about four years ago, in the era before the Governor of Jakarta , Fauzi Bowo ie . The fund construction of two packets JEDI program will be taken over the use of the rest of the budget ( Silpa ) in the 2013 budget .

" We want to do more of our money to use it ( Silpa ) . Fitra must not say so , but do not actually understand . If got money why should borrow? Wear own money blamed for election funds . Borrow so much better like that ? I 'm tired Fitra heard , they did not understand what he wants , " said the man who was familiarly called Ahok it .

Earlier on Wednesday ( 04/30/2014 ) , said Basuki , Jakarta Provincial Government plans to take over the JEDI program execution as much as two packages , namely Package 4 and 7 . According to him , will also be a change in the employment contract on the package 4 and 7 , the time dredging is initially set completed within five years , must now be completed within two years .

" So we first want it five years . Continues us say , the completion of five years , two years to be completed dong , " Basuki said after attending an event at the Hotel Mulia , Jakarta .

Basuki explained , the city government will also undertake its own dredging the river . According to him , the implementation of a tender will be conducted in May through the Procurement Services Unit ( ULP ) .

" Because of the tender hard , some packets will be our own doing . If it is done alone so have no need to be tendered again . Nah tender ULP he repeated it in the city , really easy . Interchanges You first of all , is ready, just borrow flag ULP , so fast . if the discussion this week , then next month the bus made ​​the tender , "said Basuki .

Fitra previously criticized the city government plans to take over two river dredging work packages that fall into the JEDI program of the World Bank . Even those accused , the takeover of the highly nuanced political project , which is closely related to Jokowi decision to move forward in the presidential election .

Fitra coordinator Uchok Sky Khadafi explained , the JEDI program of the World Bank aims to complete the project by 2017 . However , if the project is pegged only to 2015 , the impact that usually arises is the grantor, in this case the World Bank , will reduce their contribution to the project .

" This means that if there is a reduction from the World Bank , means the city government had to cover budget shortfalls due to the reduction of the World Bank . To cover it up , re-tendering should be done , " said Uchok through a press release to , Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) .

Uchok said , likely will win re-tender tersebit companies close to government Jokowi .

" We suspect that with the re-tendering will be won by companies close to government Jokowi , and re-tendering mode will be the same is the case with corruption busway . Understandably would need money ya ye election , " sarcastically Uchok .

Therefore , Uchok requested that the city government to review the plan to take over two of the JEDI project package . According to him , the budget allocation given the World Bank have been scheduled per year , and is very difficult to change the scheduling mechanism repeated .

"If you want to change, usually a reduction in the budget . Do not just for thrill-seeking imaging , but will instead Jakarta financial harm , and harm the taxpayers , " he said .


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